group puppy training


Optional Enrichment Classes


Fear Free Puppy Foundation Class

Open to: Puppies 7-16 weeks of age

Class is 30 minutes

  • Help each individual puppy gain the needed confidence and skills to better adapt to experiences they may encounter throughout life
  • Help your puppy learn to calmly conquer novel environments, objects and obstacles
  • Boost your pup’s positive association with handling, vet care and grooming
  • Build social skills to help your puppy feel comfortable and remain calm during interactions with people and other puppies
  • Resources to help with potential puppy issues:
    • Resource guarding and separation training prevention exercises
    • House training help
    • Guidance for puppy mouthing, chewing and jumping up behaviors


Fear Free Cooperative Care Class

Open to: All ages and learning levels

Class is 30 minutes

  • Help to boost your pooch’s comfort with home husbandry care, veterinary care and grooming.
  • Using paired positives to create a happy, relaxed emotional response to care
    • Proper ordering and use of food distractions
    • Creating happy associations with elements of handling & care
    • Establishing communication cues that help animals to positively predict and relax into care routines and interactions
  • Class is an open, ongoing format that allows dog parents to build their dog’s calm participation during handling and care at a pace their dog remains comfortable with.
  • For dogs with special needs (e.g. sensitivity around new people or other dogs) please inform the instructor prior to class to allow for any needed preparations to be made to keep your dog and other class participants as comfortable as possible.


Puppy Playtime and Socialization Class

Open to: Puppies 20 weeks and under

  • Help your puppy learn much needed social skills while interacting with other puppies
  • Help your puppy learn to calmly conquer novel objects and obstacles
  • Practice of basic manners included as well


Levels Training calendar coming soon!

  • All dogs and puppies must be current on vaccines, proof of vaccinations will be requested at the 1st class session.
  • Dogs who are aggressive toward people or other dogs are not appropriate for group classes. Please contact the instructor prior to enrolling if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior.
  • See Class Withdrawal & Refund Policy for more information.
  • Children ages 6 years and over are welcome to attend class with their parents.
  • Read/Print Training Liability Waiver (PDF) – Required for Class Attendees