Dog Training with Levels Orientation


At your orientation we will:

  1. Explain Levels Training
  2. What to bring to class
  3. Provide introduction to the clicker
  4. Tell you the keys to success in working with your dog
  5. Talk about dog body language
  6. Give you lessons to prepare for your first Level 1 class (upon enrollment)


Please Keep in Mind


  • Kids in class
    • Can they be quiet and non-disruptive to the other students?
    • You can bring electronics (silenced) to keep them busy
    • We have coloring books and crayons
    • Will it be too distracting for you?
  • My dog is…
    • Cautious dogs will progress slower to start but will most likely excel once they are more comfortable.┬áIf you think this is your dog, we have bandanas available plus “zen dens” (visual barriers to help them be more comfortable)
    • Reactive dogs may need a different class (we offer Feisty Fido for dogs who tend to bark/lunge while on leash)


We hope you enjoy this new structure of classes and find that it better serves you and your dog!