Additional Services

Have an active dog? Sign them up for fetch! Have a dog who just¬†loves to lay down and be pet? Sign them up for a massage! Choose any one of the below to add an extra special pamper to your companion’s stay with us!

Departure service

Prices vary. Schedule a bath, groom, and/or brush on the day they go home. You’ll love the way they look and smell, plus we’ll wave the boarding fee (for pick up day only) regardless of pick-up time! See Grooming¬†page for more details on offered services

Peanut butter filled Kong

Only $2 for a delicious treat! To be enjoyed in their room at nap-time, bedtime, or during any meal breaks.

10-minute massage

$11 per 10 minute session. A team member will spend ten minutes with your dog in their room before bedtime to give them some special one-on-one cuddle time and head to toe rub down.

Extra treats, toys or bone

Prices (including tax) are marked on the individual items. We sell a variety of bones, bully sticks, toys, and treats for your dog to enjoy in their room. Or take some home!