Take a Load Off with Gingr

Guide to Gingr

The following is intended as a guide to Doggy Haven clients who are unfamiliar with Doggy Haven’s new online service, Gingr, and would like a brief introduction and guide for some of the more common requests. Included are several sections covering how to use the customer portal and how to request any of our four services.

If at any time you have questions that are not answered by the guide or run into trouble completing something you believe you should be able to, feel free to call us and we will happily assist you at (425)482-4472.

  1. Logging In
    • Errors
  2. Customer Portal
    • Landing Page
    • Request Services
    • Important Options
  3. Request Boarding
    • Extra Services
    • Deposit
  4. Request Daycare
    • Recurring Dates
    • Extra Services
  5. Request Grooming
    • Selecting a Service
    • Scheduling
    • Adding to Reservations
  6. Request Training
    • Viewing Classes (upcoming vs. current)

Logging In

Customer log in
  • Go to this url: http://doggyhaven.gingrapp.com/customer/ (or if this is your first time, find your invitation email and follow the instructions there).
  • Select ‘returning client’ if you have used a Doggy Haven service prior to March 1st 2019!
  • Select either your email or phone number to log in, this will be the preferred email and phone number you confirmed with us prior to the launch of Gingr.
  • On your first log in there will be a prompt to sign any unsigned agreements, this is optional at first but will become necessary later to book certain services.


If you try to log in and believe you should have an account, but it returns an error or you do not see the correct information, please contact us at (425)482-4472 and we can verify the email and/or phone number you tried is the primary contact point that we have for you.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal with Notations

1. Quick Actions

Request Services is how you can quickly access daycare, boarding, grooming, and group classes. Private training appointments will still need schedule through our trainers.

Upload Files is the best way to get vaccinations updated in our system by uploading paperwork with vaccination names and dates clearly visible.

Edit My Account is where to go if you moved, changed your phone number, or need to add a new dog.

2. My Account

Customer portal - my account

Although there are many menu options under this heading, we’re only highlighting a few that we believe to be very useful!

Purchase Package & Retail option in this menu allows you to buy packages such as 5 days of daycare or a Bronze Membership for training from the convenience of your home and without having to call in a card number.

Cards on File enables you to manage any cards you may want us to keep on file to make purchases or pay deposits without having to call in.

Agreements can be found here, and should be read and signed as soon as possible. With the switch, there will no longer be a contract with every reservation, instead only a one time agreement for our services.

3. My Reservations

View presents your entire history with Doggy Haven for all of our services, although unfortunately this will only begin starting March 1st 2019.

Deposits allows you to manage any deposits, open or otherwise, that you might have for requested boarding reservations.

Request Services is yet another place where you can request any of our services (Gingr really tries to make this easy for you!).

4. Reservation Types

Displays the current price of these services for everyone, but does not take into account any standing discounts (such as the military 10% off).

Request Boarding

To request services, you can go to the Customer Portal and click on the blue button in the Quick Action menu, or look at the top level menu and click on ‘My Reservations > Request Services’ and then click on Book Daycare or Boarding!

Extra Services

This option allows you to schedule fetch, massages, peanut butter Kongs, and extra treats such as bones or bully sticks or anything we might have available up front, our stock varies so feel free to check out the options when you bring your dog!

For example, you could schedule multiple services, one at a time, for different schedules: fetch every other day starting the first day, Kongs on alternating days, and then one massage.

To add a bath, groom, or a la carte option (such as only a nail trim) to your boarding stay please refer to the ‘Grooming’ section on how to add grooming services to reservations.


Automatically added to every boarding request is the $75 deposit, although this can be deferred and paid later. This is fully refundable if the stay is cancelled at least two weeks before the first day of the stay, although this extends to at least 30 days prior to the first day during holiday periods.

Please note that if your stay is 2 nights or less, do not pay the deposit, as it can very possibly cost more than the stay itself. Our staff will take this into account when accepting the boarding requests.

Request Daycare

To request services, you can go to the Customer Portal and click on the blue button in the Quick Action menu, or look at the top level menu and click on ‘My Reservations > Request Services’ and then click on Book Daycare or Boarding!

Recurring Dates

Ready to book some daycare for your companion? Do you know the recurring days that you want to set up a schedule for? Start with the information for the first day and then find the ‘Add Recurring Dates’ button just beneath.

Recurring dates menu

This pulls up a pop-up menu that allows you to select a few metrics such as day of the week, when to repeat, and for how long. Begin by clicking on the days you want – such as only Monday, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday – and if you make a mistake or change or your mind just click on them again to reset the day. Then decide if you want to come every week, every other week, etc. Alternatively, you can fill in the ‘Or, # of Weeks’ if you would like to repeat for a custom measure such as every 3, 5, 6 weeks, etc.

Lastly, to determine how long to make repeating appointments please select an end date OR a certain # of appointments to book. Which one you select really depends on your situation. For instance, if you know you are going on vacation soon, select the ‘Until’ option and pick a date some time before you leave. If you know you have a certain number of days in your package, and don’t want to book over that, feel free to enter in the ‘Or, # of Dates to Add’ field 5, 10, 20, etc.

After this don’t forget to select ‘Add Dates’ at the bottom of the pop up menu and we highly encourage you to take a quick look at the ‘Show Recurring Dates’ option which will show in detail each of your requested days of daycare. Since you are able to delete them individually at this point, now can be a good time to get rid of one if you know you don’t want daycare on that specific day, but the rest of the schedule is accurate.

Extra Services

Typically the only extra service daycare dogs really need is fetch. This can be found under the ‘Additional Services’ section of the reservation request, along with grooming services.

When requesting only one or two days of daycare that’s pretty simple. But please note that if you are requesting a recurring schedule and you select fetch ‘every day’ it will apply to every day you request. Payment for the fetch can be given on a daily basis, but it is also possible to buy fetch and daycare packages at once, such as buying a 5 day of fetch and daycare to give your dog the maximum amount of fun time possible!

To add a bath, groom, or a la carte option (such as only a nail trim) to your boarding stay please refer to the ‘Grooming’ section on how to add grooming services to reservations.

Request Grooming

Doggy Haven has many service options and many groomers, so booking this can be a little confusing! In an effort to simplify things as much as possible and still keep our groomers and bathers happy, you will only be able to schedule haircuts (or first puppy grooms) with groomers and all baths and A La Carte services with bathers. To book anything differently, you will need to call into the office still at (425)482-4472. Please note that it will also take some time for us to repopulate prices as those unfortunately did not transfer to the new software, we thank you for your patience!


When requesting grooming make sure you select the appointment option rather than the daycare or boarding reservation. Once on the booking screen for grooming there are several services possible – each one has a detailed description to hopefully make things very clear. Please note that while it is possible to book a bath only (no haircut) with a groomer, it is not very common so you will need to call into the office to get it scheduled. Currently for A La Carte services you will need to call in until we have determined the best way to serve you while not overwhelming our groomers!

After selecting a service and a preferred day, you should see a bunch of names and times on the right side pop up. Green time slots are open, yellow slots are almost full, and red slots are fully booked. Scroll until you find one that works for you, or look for a specific groomer if you know which one you want, and if they don’t have a slot open that works for you there is always the ‘next available appointment’ option which will take you to the next day where they have availability.

Once you’ve chosen a groomer and time (and which dog you want to book), a new menu will appear. This includes the service options field, three (optional) questions, and two notes fields. The questions do not require much detail, but are a good place to let us know if there’s anything new going on with your dog, or as a reminder to us if your dog has any special requirements. If this is your dog’s very first groom with us, however, answering the questions can really help the groomer’s help your dog!

Service Options

Although very easy to miss, don’t forget to add service options! These change depending on the reason you are coming, but the important thing to keep in mind is the added descriptions of Add On, A La Carte, or nothing. All of the Add Ons are free, they are optional things such as ear cleaning or plucking that only some dogs will need, but all of them are included in the price of the bath. A La Carte or other options are not free and have attached prices, such as teeth brushing.

Adding to Reservations

It is now easier than ever to quickly add any of our grooming services to your dog’s reservations, whether they are daycare or boarding stays. It is even possible to request some services specifically be done mid-stay or on the departure day, though to request repeated services you will just want to schedule it once and then make a note about any recurrences you desire. Plus with the new way to schedule you will know in advance what time slots we have open, and can plan accordingly for when you might wish to pick up your dog.

Additional Services

For all reservations you want to look at the ‘Additional Services’ tab after selecting everything else like date, time, and animals. If you are requesting the stay for multiple animals, each one will have their own tab to enable customized services. For example, one of your dogs might be in need of a complete head to toe haircut to breed standard – while your other might just need a quick nail trim.

All of the grooming options are very helpfully labeled so, and you will be shown the same service types and additional options just like if you were booking just a bath or groom. Scheduling will also look similar, showing the names of all of the groomers who offer the desired service as well as the time slots that are open.

Finally, all that’s left is to save it and send in the request! If you notice an error in the services or change your mind later, don’t worry, you can always contact us to remedy the issue quickly and easily.

Request Training

Doggy Haven trainers are always available to answer your questions, and will be your main source of help for most things related to training in Gingr, however you are more than welcome to contact the main office with any questions at (425)482-4472.

Viewing Classes

One potential source of confusion, however, that we would hope to help with is how to sign up for group classes. After navigating to ‘Request Services’ > ‘Group Classes’ you will have two options for classes – Upcoming and Current. Upcoming classes should be automatically opened upon first appearing at the Group Classes screen, so look for your desired class name there and if you do not see it, be sure to then check Current classes.

Remember the general order for Levels Training begins with the humans-only Orientation class into Levels 1 > 2 > 3 > 4. After attending Orientation you are always welcome to attend the other classes offered, both Fear Free classes and Puppy Playtime at any time. After having a Feisty Fido evaluation, and with given Kim’s permission, you will be able to sign up for one of the Feisty Fido classes.