Group Dog Training

Group Dog Training

Dog training classes are held in the Field House at Doggy Haven Resort in Bothell. During the week, the classes are held in the evening to accommodate your busy work schedule, and daytime classes are available on Saturdays. We have classes for Seattle area clients ranging from introductory to advanced level classes and Canine Good Citizen certification.

Class size is a maximum of 4 students (due to current State restrictions) and 45 minutes in length until otherwise noted. Our smaller class sizes ensure that you and your dog receive valuable one-on-one instruction.

All classes include instruction for:
How Dogs Learn, Canine Body Language, and
Using a Reward Marker (“yes” or a clicker)

Dog Training with the Levels Program

Levels Training is a member’s only training program designed for you to learn at your own pace and convenience. Families and their dogs enroll with one of three membership packages: Bronze (2 months), Silver (4 months) or Gold (6 months). During your period of enrollment, attend as much or as little training as you desire to achieve skills that enrich your lives. The levels program consists of four skill levels, 1 to 4. Each level introduces new skills to your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions. Each level has specific skill requirements to meet before moving on to the next level, but it is not required that you progress to higher levels. If you and your dog have met your goals at a lower level, then you can feel free to stop there. The choice is yours!

Levels is open with limited class sizes and increased class availability due to Covid-19 restrictions. You will be in a safe place with plenty of space.

Puppy Social and Puppy Teen Hangout

During puppy social/puppy teen hangout, your puppy will meet other puppies around the same age and temperament to play with along with lots of fun socialization!

Some of the things we will be including are:

  • Meeting the grooming staff and hearing/seeing grooming equipment
  • Crate training fun
  • Walking on different types of surfaces and getting to see/hear novel objects and sounds
  • Play time with toys and working on not resource guarding (learning the trade game)
  • Going out into the play yards (while the older dogs are in for naps) to get used to the yard and getting to play on the structures
  • Leash walking and making the harness/collar a positive
  • Seeing different types of people and dogs (staff at Doggy Haven, neutral older dogs, people in sunglasses, etc.)
  • Polite greetings with other puppies and people (on and off leash)
  • Handling and creating a positive with home husbandry care and vet care

All these activities will be done in a positive way, puppies will never be forced to do anything that they do not want to do!  Treats and toys will be included as well to make sure all these new experiences are fun and rewarding for the puppies!

After the puppies go home, I will send an email on what we worked on for that day, along with lots of cute puppy pictures!

If you would like to sign up, the cost for each “social/hangout” is $50.00 per day, 5 days for $225.00, and 20% off if you and your pup are enrolled in our Levels group training.  The Puppy Social is for puppies five months and younger and are held on Mondays and Thursdays. The Puppy Teen Hangout is for puppies under 18 months and are held on Tuesdays. Drop off time will be between 11:30am – 12:00pm and then pick up between 2:00pm-2:30pm. 

For more information, please contact the training department at or register on our website under Group Classes, Current Classes – Puppy Social / Puppy Teen Hangout.

Levels Training
Training Registration

Levels Tuition & Fees

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

  • $20 – Orientation for Levels Dog Training
  • Membership Packages for Levels Dog Training
    • $269 Bronze (2 months)
    • $459 Silver (4 months) $79 savings!
    • $649 Gold (6 months) $158 savings!

Levels training memberships allow you to register for as many classes as you want (whenever they are available) as often as you want and learn at your own pace. The same training calendar that you use to sign up for orientation can be used to register for the classes you want to attend. Dog training at it’s best and at your convenience!

Homeward Pet

We are proud to partner with HPAC and happy to meet and care for dogs of all backgrounds and situations. If you have welcomed a new rescue into your family here is something to keep in mind before going out of town or starting a new daycare routine-

3/3/3 rule for MOST rescue dogs: Minimum 3 days to “detox” and adjust to being out of the shelter or foster home and being in a new home. Minimum 3 weeks to start to settle, to feel comfortable in their new space with their new family. Minimum 3 months to feel at HOME.     

Rescue adoptees (thank you for adopting!) may select from one of the following:

  • Free orientation
  • One month of Levels Training
  • Longer memberships available for purchase at a discount

Withdrawal, Cancellation & Notices

For Levels Orientation, refunds or credits will be granted only for students who withdraw at least one week prior to the first day of class or orientation date. No refunds or credits will be granted after that point. Levels program memberships are not refundable though we guarantee your satisfaction.

This policy applies to Homeward Pet adopters whose orientation fee is included in the adoption fee—credit for a future class will only be granted if you withdraw at least one week prior to the orientation.

General Notice about Schedule

  • There are two closures each year – The week of the 4th of July and two weeks over the December/January holidays.  All memberships are extended to compensate for these closures.
  • There is no class on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and Thanksgiving (and the Saturday following Thanksgiving)
  • There is class on the other 3-day weekend holidays (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day)
  • There may be rare black-out days due to the trainers attending continuing education conferences.
  • There are occasionally full classes but our goal is to have at least two options each week.  Even if a class shows as full, please keep an eye on the classes as that can change day to day depending on cancellations.  That being said, if you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, please log into your account and cancel it so that someone else can reserve that spot.
  • In cases of extreme weather, we may cancel classes for the safety of our clients and trainers (snow, wind/lightning storms with power outages at Doggy Haven, etc).  We will do our best to compensate for any classes that are cancelled.


To register for group classes, go to the Customer Portal to set up your customer profile. Once your account is set up, Request Services for Group Training and click on Current Classes to select a Levels Orientation that fits your schedule. Spots fill up fast, so don’t hesitate to start the process as soon as you think ‘I might need help training my dog.’

  • All dogs and puppies must be current on vaccines, proof of vaccinations will be requested at Orientation.
  • Dogs who are aggressive toward people or other dogs are not appropriate for group classes. Please contact the instructor prior to enrolling if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior.
  • Read/Print Training Liability Waiver (PDF) – required for all class attendees


What is Levels Training?

Levels Training is a flexible way to train dogs at the convenience of their families, allowing individuals to progress as fast or slow as desired. After orientation there are three levels of memberships: Bronze (2 months), Silver (4 months) or Gold (6 months). During your active period of enrollment, you use our training calendar to register for as many training classes as works for your schedule and your dog.

How much does it cost for orientation?

Orientation is $20. Orientation and first month (starting on first day of Levels class) is free for Homeward Pet adoptees if you register within 30 days of your adoption.

How much does it cost for Levels Training membership?

  • Bronze Membership is $269 for 2 months of unlimited classes.
  • Silver Membership is $459 for 4 months of unlimited classes.
  • Gold Membership is $649 for 6 months of unlimited classes.
  • Homeward Pet adoptees receive one month free (starting on first day of Levels class) if you register for orientation within 30 days of your adoption.

How do I pay?

After you have attended Orientation, you may purchase a membership online by logging into your customer account. You are also more than welcome to come into the office during their business hours or give Doggy Haven a call at 425-482-4472.

What does the class schedule look like?

Here is a quick overview for each class. Exact times may change, so please login to, or create a customer account to ensure that there are class times convenient for your schedule.

  • Level 1: Monday evening, Thursday evening, Friday morning, Saturday
  • Level 2: Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Friday morning, Saturday
  • Level 3: Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Saturday
  • Level 4: Tuesday evening, Thursday evening
  • Fear Free Cooperative Care: Tuesday evening
  • Puppy Playtime and Socialization: Wednesday evening

What should I bring to orientation?

  • Anyone in the family that will be involved in the training
  • Your dog’s current vaccinations
  • Orientation is for humans only. Please leave your dog at home.

What if I think my dog shouldn’t start at Level 1?

Every dog will enter the program at Level 1 to ensure mastery of the foundational skills. If your dog has previous training, then you will likely advance out of Level 1 faster than others.

Are children allowed?

You are more than welcome to bring children if they:

  • Are quiet and non-disruptive to the other students
  • Won’t be too distracting for you
  • You may bring electronics to keep them busy
  • We have coloring books and crayons for kids to enjoy

What should I wear?

The training tent is covered and has a heater, but it is still a good idea to dress in layers in cold weather months.

Are there restrooms?

There is a restroom available Monday – Saturday until 6:30 pm. All other times, the Doggy Haven Resort office is closed to the public.

Should I bring my dog to orientation?

The orientation is for humans only.