individual dog training

Individual Dog Training

With Doggy Haven Resort’s Individual Training, we will work closely with you to customize a program best suited to you and your dog’s needs. Whether you wish to address a problem area or achieve specific behavioral goals—just let us know! Our individual dog training sessions will be at the Field House at our Bothell location near Seattle and scheduled for a convenient time.

Board & Train

  • $1100 for 10 days with eight nights of boarding (includes boarding fee Monday to Friday)
  • Two consultations (one at end of first week, one at final pick-up)
  • Comprehensive training summary and report
  • 2 one-hour private follow-up sessions at Doggy Haven Resort
  • This program includes:
    • Attention to handler
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Leave it
    • Wait
    • Loose leash walking
    • Heel position
    • Stay
    • Come

Our two-week Board & Train program was created to teach dogs basic obedience through daily, personalized and professional training. Your dog’s knowledge will grow and focus will intensify as he learns and perfects his skills in an environment full of distractions and activity. This program benefits dogs of all ages and levels of experience.

Board & Train students enjoy all of the comforts of boarding (including free playtime) Monday through Friday and return home to spend the weekend with you, where you will reinforce and supplement training. Upon completion of the two-week course, you’ll receive a thorough written training summary and two one-hour follow-up sessions at our Seattle area resort.

Daycare & Train

We will work with your dog privately during the day and then return them to their friends. Actual amount of training time is determined by how well your dog can focus, generally training sessions last approximately one hour.

  • $75 per session (plus cost of daycare)
  • One consultation plus write-ups as needed
  • Comprehensive training summary and report

Private Training


On-Site Private Training can be used as a follow-up to Board & Train or Daycare & Train or if you wish to learn more about how our positive training methods can enhance your relationship with your dog through better behavior.

  • $105 per one-hour session
  • $290 for a 3-day on-site package
  • Comprehensive training summary and report


Doggy Haven is now proudly offering In-Home Private Training! This new service is ideal for all dogs that are most comfortable in familiar space and/or for behaviors that you only see in their home environment. The lessons will be customized to your dog’s capabilities in order to reach your desired end goal, and can be easily fit into your schedule whenever convenient for you. Please email our trainers for more information!

  • trainer email
  • $150 per lesson
  • The initial lesson varies between 60-90 minutes
  • Comprehensive training summary and report

Training Registration