Dog Training with the Levels Program

Levels Training is a member’s only training program designed for you to learn at your own pace and convenience. Families and their dogs enroll with one of three membership packages: Bronze (2 months), Silver (4 months) or Gold (6 months). During your period of enrollment, attend as much or as little training as you desire to achieve skills that enrich your lives. The levels program consists of four skill levels, 1 to 4. Each level introduces new skills to your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions. Each level has specific skill requirements to meet before moving on to the next level, but it is not required that you progress to higher levels. If you and your dog have met your goals at a lower level, then you can feel free to stop there. The choice is yours!

 Benefits of Dog Training with Levels

  • Your time, your schedule. Take time off when you have a very busy week or travel, then simply register for more classes at the same level without fear of missing out.
  • All dogs in each level are in a similar training stage, regardless of age, allowing you and your instructor to best address the needs of your dog.
  • Dogs move in and out of each level at different paces, providing new dogs as distractions each week.
  • Your dog, your pace. Work at your own skill level for as long as necessary. No falling behind since there is no requirement to move to the next level.
  • Revisit a lower level at any time to brush up on previous skills.
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing is included free upon achieving level 4. Imagine your pride and freedom!

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Orientation is mandatory before attending a Levels Training class, and is ONLY for humans, please do not bring your dogs to the orientation class. There is a non-refundable $20 fee which applies to your package price when you enroll.

What to Expect

  • Explanation of Levels Training
  • What to bring to class
  • Provide introduction to the clicker
  • Tell you the keys to success in working with your dog
  • Talk about dog body language
  • Give you lessons to prepare for your first Level 1 class

Tuition & Fees

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

  • $20 – Orientation for Levels Dog Training (please email due to a waiting list)
  • Membership Packages for Levels Dog Training
    • $269 Bronze (2 months)
    • $459 Silver (4 months) $79 savings!
    • $649 Gold (6 months) $158 savings!

Levels training memberships allow you to register for as many classes as you want (whenever they are available) as often as you want and learn at your own pace. The same training calendar that you use to sign up for orientation can be used to register for the classes you want to attend. Dog training at it’s best and at your convenience!

Class Schedule & Notices

Here is a quick overview for each class. Exact times may change, so please login to or create an account to ensure that there are class times convenient for your schedule.

  • Level 1: Monday evening, Thursday evening, Friday morning, Saturday
  • Level 2: Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Friday morning, Saturday
  • Level 3: Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Saturday
  • Level 4: Tuesday evening, Thursday evening
  • Fear Free Cooperative Care: Tuesday evening
  • Puppy Playtime and Socialization: Wednesday evening

General Notices about Schedule

  • There are two closures each year – The week of the 4th of July and two weeks over the December/January holidays.  All memberships are extended to compensate for these closures.
  • There is no class on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and Thanksgiving (and the Saturday following Thanksgiving)
  • There is class on the other 3-day weekend holidays (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day)
  • There may be rare black-out days due to the trainers attending continuing education conferences.
  • There are occasionally full classes but our goal is to have at least two options each week.  Even if a class shows as full, please keep an eye on the classes as that can change day to day depending on cancellations.  That being said, if you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, please log into your account and cancel it so that someone else can reserve that spot.
  • In cases of extreme weather, we may cancel classes for the safety of our clients and trainers (snow, wind/lightning storms with power outages at Doggy Haven, etc).  We will do our best to compensate for any classes that are cancelled.

Expected Achievements for Each Level

Level 1:

  • Settle/Park
  • Name game
  • Find it
  • Eye contact – hand signal and verbal cue
  • Hand target
  • Sit – hand signal and verbal cue
  • Down – hand signal and verbal cue
  • Polite people greetings

Level 2:

  • All skills from level 1 with distractions
  • Loose leash walking
  • Heel with sit at side
  • Leave it
  • Coming When Called
  • Sit and down with duration – waiting for release (precursor to stay and wait for greetings)

Level 3:

  • Building on all skills from previous levels
  • Adding more distractions to help solidify skills
  • Stay
  • Wait for greetings

Level 4:

  • Add in skills for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test:
    • Handling
    • Reaction to another dog
    • Supervised separation
  • Practice all other skills while practicing the CGC test
  • Add distractions to help solidify skills
  • When ready, the CGC test is included with your membership

Optional Classes

Fear Free Cooperative Care Class

Open to: All ages and learning levels

Class is 30 minutes

  • Help to boost your pooch’s comfort with home husbandry care, veterinary care and grooming.
  • Using paired positives to create a happy, relaxed emotional response to care
    • Proper ordering and use of food distractions
    • Creating happy associations with elements of handling & care
    • Establishing communication cues that help animals to positively predict and relax into care routines and interactions
  • Class is an open, ongoing format that allows dog parents to build their dog’s calm participation during handling and care at a pace their dog remains comfortable with.
  • For dogs with special needs (e.g. sensitivity around new people or other dogs) please inform the instructor prior to class to allow for any needed preparations to be made to keep your dog and other class participants as comfortable as possible.

Puppy Playtime and Socialization Class

Open to: Puppies 20 weeks and under

  • Help your puppy learn much needed social skills while interacting with other puppies
  • Help your puppy learn to calmly conquer novel objects and obstacles
  • Practice of basic manners included as well

We would like you to know

  • All dogs and puppies must be current on vaccines, proof of vaccinations will be requested at orientation or the 1st class session for Feisty Fido.
  • Dogs who are aggressive toward people or other dogs are not appropriate for group classes. Please contact the instructor prior to enrolling if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior.
  • See Class Withdrawal & Refund Policy for more information.
  • Read/Print Training Liability Waiver (PDF) – required for Class Attendees.
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